Brightside 11:24

The station opened in 1838, at the smae time as the Sheffield and Rotherham Railway from the Wicker Station and had two platforms although four tracks went through. The two outside tracks were for freight use whilst the two inside tracks were used by both stopping and express trains. Despite the opening of Meadowhall Interchange in 1990, the station remained open until 1993. A limited service had continued in its three years and the station closed without fanfare with a poster announcing that all remaining trains could be caught at Meadowhall. The standard South Yorkshire style bus shelter that had replaced the station buildings by the early 1980's was removed in early 2006.

Wikipedia, Unknown source

There's ole Gray with 'er dove-winged hat
There's ole Green with her sewing machine
Where's the bobbin at?
Tote'n old grain in uh printed sack
The dust blows forward 'n dust blows back
And the wind blows back thru the sky
And the smokestack blows up in suns eye
What am I gonna die?

Don Van Viet